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About Morafiq


Welcome to Morafiq, where we redefine your airport experience into an extraordinary experience. Our expert off-airport baggage transfer and passenger check-in service cater to travellers flying through Abu Dhabi International Airport. With our commitment to safety, security, and reliability, we take great pride in delivering services of the highest quality, acknowledging the trust shown by happy travellers.
Our mission is to offer air travellers a memorable and hassle-free experience throughout the airport.

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off-airport services in abu dhabi

Our off-airport services in Abu Dhabi

Enjoy our amazing, off-airport baggage transfer & passenger check-in services in Abu Dhabi through Abu Dhabi International Airport.
Pick your seat, check-in for your flight and baggage, and collect your boarding card — all from the comfort of your home.
No more waiting at the airport to collect your bags! We deliver them to your doorstep.
Skip the check-in queues, drop your bags and get the boarding pass at your convenience.