Home Check-in services in Abu Dhabi

Experience the airport at your home with Home Check-in services in Abu Dhabi!

home check-in services in abu dhabi
home check-in services in abu dhabi

How our Home Check-in services in Abu Dhabi work?

Register and book: Register on the Morafiq app to book the Home Check-in if you're a first-time user.

We'll collect your bags: Book your time slot, and our agents will arrive at your location in Abu Dhabi 24 to 05 hours before your flight.

Make your way to the airport: Skip the queues and head straight to your gate. You will receive your bags at your final destination.

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Our Prices

AED 185

Coral | 0 to 2 bags

Check-in up to two bags from your home, hotel or office.

AED 220

Silver | 3-4 bags

Check-in up to four bags from your home, hotel or office.

AED 280

Gold | 5-6 bags

Check-in up to six bags from your home, hotel or office.

AED 340

Diamond | 7-8 bags

Check-in up to eight bags from your home, hotel or office.

AED 400

Platinum | 9-10 bags

Check-in up to ten bags from your home, hotel or office.

What our customers say for our Home Check-in services in Abu Dhabi

Great Service

Showed up at exactly the right time with proper staff & professionalism. Great service.

Very professional!

Very easy-going experience and very supportive staff. Great service and people. Keep it up.

Great convenience

Very helpful thank you staff pleasant and helpful. Everything becomes very convenient with them.

Quick service

Showed up at the exactly right time. Very professional team. Thank you so much for the swift check-in.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Check-in is available for all non-transit guests travelling from Abu Dhabi International Airport. We will check you in from your home or hotel in Abu Dhabi, within 50km of Abu Dhabi International Airport. Home Check-in is not available for:
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Passengers requiring medical assistance
  • Passengers travelling with pets and live cargo
  • Unconfirmed bookings
  • US bound travellers
Yes, you can track your bags with the Morafiq app or in booking web portal.
No, Home Check-in do not include transport to the airport. Please check with your airline for available airport transfer options.
Yes! You can choose your preferred seat when you check-in with our Home Check-in agent. Extra charges may apply as per airline policy.
Yes! you can pay for all extras, including excess baggage and upgrades, when you check in with our Home Check-in agent. Credit card is the only accepted method of payment.
Yes!  Please remember to refer to the airline baggage policy for further details.
You can make changes to your booking up to six hours before your scheduled pick-up or collection time. For a full refund, you must cancel your Home Check-in booking up to 24 hours of your scheduled pick-up or collection time. Refunds will be processed within 14 business days and returned to the original payment card. If your bags have already been collected, you will not be refunded and you will be charged AED 40 per bag to return your bags to the original collection point. For any changes or questions, please contact MORAFIQ on 800-MORAFIQ or email us at support[at]morafiq.ae
We’ll make sure that your bags are loaded onto the flight that you have been re-booked to, or off-loaded and returned to you at a fee of AED 40 per luggage piece.
Yes, if the first flight of your journey is operated by Etihad Airways. Remember, your baggage allowance may differ on flights operated by our partner airlines. Your ticket will have full details of the baggage allowance for each part of your journey.
Home Check-in Bookings will be accepted upto 6 hours prior to the Scheduled Time of Departure of the flight.
You can contact MORAFIQ customer service and they will help you in getting a slot for the service.
Please note that as a temporary measure all passengers traveling to the USA on Etihad Airways need to check in at the airport.
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