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Top things you must know about Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal A

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal A
Abu Dhabi International Airports welcomed the world to the brand new Terminal A last year in November. Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal A initiated its operations on 1st November, significantly boosting passenger capacity in Abu Dhabi and elevating the Emirate’s standing and recognition as a global aviation hub. The brand-new Terminal A aims to foster passenger experiences via state-of-the-art skills unrestricted to passengers and airlines in the province. It claims to be more than just a new terminal. It commits to providing unparalleled travel experiences where seamless connectivity, outstanding hospitality and exceptional comfort congregate to create memorable journeys. Let’s dive into the Abu Dhabi Airport travel tips to explore the new terminal at its best!
And if you don’t know, Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal A is already a Hollywood star! Wondering why? Well, the new terminal has already been featured in the film – Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One! Dreamy right?
Check out some fantastic facts about this larger-than-life Terminal A at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

1. Soon to be named Zayed International Airport

No, we are not talking about any other airport but Abu Dhabi International Airport. It has already made the headlines that Abu Dhabi International Airport will be renamed by the UAE in tribute to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It will be called Zayed International Airport from 9 February 2024, coinciding with the official commencement of Terminal A. However, there has been no update on whether the official airport code will be modified to reflect the change or not.

2. Where is Terminal A situated?

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal A is located less than 20 minutes from Yas Island – the amusement capital of Abu Dhabi – and about 30 minutes from the city centre and major attractions like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. You can explore Abu Dhabi at your pace and leisure and drop off at the new terminal in no time to board your flight without any hassle!

3. One of the great airport terminals you've seen

Terminal A strengthens Abu Dhabi’s global position as a tourism, trade and commerce centre. The $3 billion building spreads over 742,000 sqm and can hold up to 45 million passengers annually. But to your surprise, US architect Kohn Pedersen Fox said the terminal could also expand and accommodate up to 80 million travellers. A trial exercise was held to test the capacity, where more than 8,000 participants volunteered to try and test every aspect in September 2023
It can handle up to 79 planes at once and 11,000 passengers per hour; great, isn’t it? It is almost triple the size of the previous terminal, with more than 115 flight destinations worldwide. It significantly increases the frequency and reach of flights to and from Abu Dhabi, upgrading the Emirates as a promising destination for travel, business, and entertainment.
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4. It is not the Midfield Terminal

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal A is strategically positioned between the two runways, giving rise to its designation as the Midfield Terminal Complex. Although locals may persist in using the old terminology for the time being, there is an anticipation that the new terminology will swiftly be adopted. To ensure a seamless transition, the airport has diligently executed campaigns to make them aware, mainly targeting taxi drivers, who are expected to effortlessly navigate you to the entrance of the innovative Terminal A.
For those opting for public transportation, the experience is even more streamlined. Buses operating within the Emirates have adjusted their routes to drop off passengers directly and conveniently at Terminal A. This meticulous planning ensures that public transport passengers will likely avoid navigational challenges, enhancing the overall travel experience. These helpful Abu Dhabi Airport travel tips and Terminal A facilities will make your experience much more enjoyable and convenient.

5. How do you get to Terminal A?

As the UAE’s gateway, Terminal A ensures a swift arrival with 34 e-gates and 38 immigration counters. Etihad and many of its partners offer the facility of pre-booked chauffeur-driven cars to Dubai and Al Ain and complimentary coach services. It’s generally an average 19-minute walk from the gate to the curb. Accessible via E10 from Dubai, E22 from Al Ain, and E10 or E20 within Abu Dhabi. Google Maps has also updated details. Taxis are readily available, and no booking is required. Valet parking is available, reflecting Abu Dhabi’s fine convenience for the passengers to have a stress-free airport experience.

6. What happens if you are in the wrong terminal?

There is no need to stress about arriving at the wrong Terminal; free inter-terminal shuttle buses operate between buildings. A complimentary limousine service is also available for those flying first or business class with Etihad Airways. These Terminal A facilities make commutation within the airport a cakewalk!

7. Smooth services are available at Terminal A

Terminal A is committed to enhancing the traveller’s experience by offering smooth service from the curb to the gate. Setting a global precedent, it will become the first airport globally to feature nine biometric centres. Firstly, the biometric solutions and facial recognition are strategically deployed only in essential areas, expediting the screening process. The distinctive X-shaped design of the building plays an essential part in improving the overall efficiency and optimising passenger flow.
Complemented by other world-class facilities, it is also equipped with a baggage handling system capable of processing 19,200 bags per hour. There is also a great move regarding a smooth boarding experience; they have expanded to 65 parking stands that connect aircraft to allocated boarding gates to reduce congestion and ensure a seamless journey. These Terminal A facilities will leave you in awe!

8. Terminal A takes care of sustainability too

UAE is committed to sustainability and is steering the operations of this new terminal towards achieving a great initiative, i.e. net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This step was important as UAE had the presidency of COP28 in November 2023. The newly built Terminal A has been engineered to make significant strides in sustainability. Notably, it is anticipated to reduce water consumption by an impressive 45%. A 3MW solar plant, powered by more than 7,500 solar panels, substantially saves 5,300 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Introducing a cutting-edge Advanced Surface Movement Control System, the first in the Middle East ensures swift and secure plane landings even in low-visibility weather conditions.
Terminal A has been intricately designed with sustainability targets in mind. Its architecture is strategically crafted to optimise using natural resources and light. The construction has prioritised using sustainable materials, and the structure is equipped with state-of-the-art heating, ventilation, HVAC systems and energy-efficient lighting. Throughout the facility, there have been significant reductions in both water and energy usage. Additionally, since 2021, the airport proudly houses the Emirates’ enormous solar-powered car parking.

9. New routes to be expected

Sometimes, long waits or layovers can become overwhelming. So you must relax. You can do meditation, enjoy some calming songs, listen to your favourite podcasts, or take small naps, which can be relaxing. You can also try breathing exercises, which can benefit your psyche.

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Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal A
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