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City Check-in Frequently Asked Questions

Morafiq City Check-in service lets you check-in for your flight at conveniently located City Check-in facilities in Abu Dhabi, saving you time and hassle at the airport.

Our City Check-in service allows you to complete the check-in process remotely without waiting in the long queues at the airport. Simply visit our conveniently located City Check-in locations, and our team will manage the check-in procedure for you.
Morafiq’s City Check-in service is currently available for Etihad Airways, Air Arabia, Egypt Air, and Wizz Air passengers.
It is recommended to drop your bags 24 to 4 hours prior to your flight departure to avoid last-minute hassle.
When booking our City Check-in service, you will need to provide details such as your flight information, contact details, and any specific requirements.
Your luggage’s safety and security are our top priorities throughout the entire storage and transportation process. We are the sole official partner of Abu Dhabi Airport as well as the airlines we work with, and we are approved to handle and transport your luggage. During transportation, your baggage is transferred in securely locked vehicles equipped with CCTV cameras for added protection. Furthermore, our baggage storage facilities are also secured with locked access points and monitored 24/7 through CCTV cameras.
Please note that as a temporary measure all passengers traveling to the USA on Etihad Airways need to check in at the airport.
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