14 Ways to improve your airport check-in experience

14 Ways to improve your airport check-in experience
It’s the start of the year, and you have already planned to travel in 2024. Airports are mostly busier than usual during the holiday season. You might need to have a checklist that can be helpful for your overall airport check-in experience. There are multiple factors to consider when you go to an airport. How long should I be at the airport before my flight? How do I get to the airport well before departure time? What should I bring on a flight? All these lingering doubts can add a lot of stress and anxiety to the departure day of your trip.
So here we have collated 14 essential airport tips to help you have a hassle-free airport check-in experience and get you a bit of calm before your departure flight.

1. Check-in for your flight in advance

Navigating your way through a busy airport can be daunting. Long queues, extensive waiting time, and last-minute baggage hassle can add to your frustration and hamper your cheerful mood. We have got a fix! Try Morafiq’s seamless airport baggage check-in services if you are flying from the Abu Dhabi airport for a seamless airport check-in experience. Be it City Check-in or Home Check-in service, one can easily say goodbye to long queues and get all the work done swiftly in no time, so you don’t have to wait once you get to the airport.
Now, you can spend your time doing what you love to do and leave your luggage in the safest hands. This can also be a great way to grab your desired seat if you missed selecting your seat while booking your ticket.

2. Stay entertained

Bring snacks with you! Ensure you check if any foods are prohibited from being taken on board a plane. These can vary from country to country. Quick bites like chocolates can be a good relief. Stacking snacks is not just it! Download some movies, prepare your travel playlist, or wishlist the audiobook you want to hear for entertainment.

3. Stay healthy

Sitting for hours in a fixed position might make you feel uneasy. Regularly drinking water, preparing an in-flight routine, stretching, and walking around the cabin are your cures to sail through the flight journey without feeling exhausted.

4. Get creative

Finding a peaceful time with yourself is rare; flight journeys are just the right opportunity. Carry a notebook or a sketchpad to bring your creativity into action.

5. Bring a portable charger

Finding convenient outlets or charging points at the airports can be challenging while waiting at the gate. Be sure to bring a portable charger to stay on the go!

6. Keep your electronics accessible

Another piece of airport advice to remember when approaching security scanners is to keep your electronics accessible. Security officials will ask that you place your electronics, such as laptops and tablets, in the tray separate from your carry-on bag. To avoid manically fishing around in your carry-on, keep them at the top of your bag so they are handy.

7. Take a photo of your parking space

If you are parking at the airport, take a picture of your parking space or any other sign or number to help you find it again when you return. It can be nothing less than a nightmare to be unable to remember where you parked your car, making you run around the airport parking for an hour!

8. Click a photo of your checked luggage

If your checked luggage gets lost, a photo of it and your luggage receipt can make locating it much easier. You can have your personalised airport baggage service and check-in facilities. You can also contact the Morafiq team, which can help you pick your seat, check in for your flight and baggage, and your boarding card — all from the comfort of your home.

9. Relax

Sometimes, long waits or layovers can become overwhelming. So you must relax. You can do meditation, enjoy some calming songs, listen to your favourite podcasts, or take small naps, which can be relaxing. You can also try breathing exercises, which can benefit your psyche.

10. You cannot miss the airport lounge

Airport lounges are the best way to make your experience at the airport relaxed and stress-free.
Enjoy exclusive amenities and a tranquil setting for the perfect pre-flight relaxation. Elevate your journey, discover comfort, and savour refreshing food and drinks before departure. Many lounges offer dedicated family rooms, working spaces, internet access, and shower facilities to kickstart your flight with ease.

11. Research sleep spots

You might have to spend long hours at the airport during delayed flights or a long layover. It is recommended to browse the airport’s official website and locate the ideal rest zones or sleeping spots.

12. Get to the baggage belt at the earliest

Reaching the baggage belt as quickly as possible after landing is advised to avoid the hassle and spot and collect your baggage peacefully. Removing the old stickers and tags is also recommended to avoid confusion. Tie a ribbon to your bag’s handle or use an identifiable name tag. This can help you spot your bag easily.
But why stress yourself when you can get your bags delivered to your location? If you are landing at the Abu Dhabi airport, download the Morafiq app and book the Land & Leave service at least 1 hour before landing and head straight to your location. Your bags will be delivered to your doorstep within 3 hours of arrival.

13. Be extra prepared if travelling with your little ones

Check if your airport has a kids’ play area. Then, you won’t have to pack many toys, as the kids’ area will be more than enough. It is mostly seen that children are more likely to be well-behaved on the flight after a fun time in the kid’s area at the airport.
If you’re travelling with a newborn, learning the rules for taking baby food is vital. After successful screening, security will consider items like milk, formula, and water.

14. Have a designated aeroplane outfit

Choose a comfortable outfit and make it your designated outfit for flight journeys. If you have a designated outfit, you won’t struggle to find something to wear on the day of travel. Also, make sure to dress in layers for your flight. Airports and aeroplanes can either be extremely cold or hot. Wearing layers will help you withstand the impact of variable temperatures.
Even if you use just a few tips, it might make your journey through the airport more convenient. But you can always make it better with efficient boarding strategies and have a great airport check-in experience for all types of travel.
Personalised airport assistance is all you need to consider. They’ve got it covered, from the seamless baggage check-in process to airport time management.
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