The future of hassle-free travel: How Morafiq’s off-airport check-in and baggage delivery services are revolutionising air travel in Abu Dhabi

In the next two decades, global air travel is predicted to double, reaching a staggering 7.8 billion passengers by 2036, as forecasted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). While the aviation industry has rebounded from the pandemic, it faces the sweet challenge of accommodating this exponential growth. Airlines are compelled to increase flights and employ larger aircraft, while airports must enhance infrastructure to handle the surge in travellers. Striking a delicate balance between growth and competitiveness, compliance, safety, and security has become imperative for the industry’s evolution.

Amidst this transformation, Morafiq emerged as a boon for air travellers in Abu Dhabi, offering off-airport check-in and baggage delivery services. Morafiq is a joint initiative of OACIS Middle East, and its valued stakeholders Abu Dhabi Airports Company, Etihad Airport Services and Tourism 365.

Offering off-site check-in services for passengers departing from Zayed International Airport, Morafiq envisions a future where travel is synonymous with ease and stress-free experiences. The City Check-in facilities conveniently located at two prominent locations, ensures that passengers can seamlessly check-in, receive boarding passes and bag tags, and avoid the queues by dropping off their bags upon arrival. (Proposed new locations launching soon in Musaffah and Al Ain).

Traditional airport check-in involves passengers arriving a few hours before departure, presenting tickets at the counter, and receiving boarding passes from airline representatives. As airports expand and prioritise time efficiency, the check-in process becomes crucial for passengers and operators. The baggage handling system, a complex blend of mechanical and electromechanical engineering, ensures secure transportation of checked baggage. From check-in to security screening and storage, this intricate system of interconnected conveyors plays a vital role. However, with the evolving landscape, Morafiq’s off-airport services in Abu Dhabi introduced a paradigm shift towards hassle-free travel, redefining conventional check-in and baggage handling approaches.

In the fiercely competitive aviation industry, the quest for a superior travel experience has expanded beyond pricing, focusing more on the journey and customer experience. Emerging trends highlight a shift towards emphasising passenger priorities from booking to baggage delivery. Morafiq stands out with its Home Check-in in Abu Dhabi, Land & Leave convenience and City Check-in facilities. Passengers can skip tiring airport queues, fast-track through immigration, and travel bag-free. The USP lies in Morafiq’s commitment to offer passengers convenience, safety and security, full baggage insurance, and safe transfer in a CCTV-enabled fleet, making it the go-to choice for a worry-free travel experience via Abu Dhabi.

Let’s dive into Morafiq’s exclusive services one by one.

A. Home Check-in

Morafiq’s Home Check-in service brings the airport experience to your doorstep. Available for non-transit guests within 50 km of Zayed International Airport, this service allows you to check-in from your home or hotel. This service is just a call away whereby you can call the Morafiq Toll Free Hotline and book your desired service slot. Skip the queues, get your boarding cards, check-in your bags, and you can also track them using the Morafiq app or web portal. With convenient booking modes and seamless booking, the agents collect your bags 24 to 5 hours before your flight, ensuring you can head straight to your gate upon arrival. Partner airlines include Etihad Airways, and Egypt Air. Are you flying out of Abu Dhabi? Call to Book our Service or Download the app now.

off-airport check-in and baggage delivery services

B. City Check-in

Eliminate the chaos of the airport queues with Morafiq’s City Check-in services in Abu Dhabi. Drop your bags 24 to 4 hours before departure, receive your boarding pass, and enjoy adequate parking at our locations – Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal -1 (open 24/7) and Yas Mall (currently available for Etihad Airways and Air Arabia) (10 am to 10 pm). Partner airlines include Etihad Airways, Air Arabia, Egypt Air, Wizz Air, and Royal Jordanian.

C. Land & Leave

Do you have an urgent meeting or event to attend after landing in Abu Dhabi? Our Land & Leave service is here for your rescue! Morafiq’s Land & Leave service offers unparalleled convenience, delivering your baggage to your doorstep within three hours of your flight’s arrival. Avoid long waiting times at the baggage belt. Our team will take care of your baggage, from collecting it from the carousel to delivering it to your home/hotel.

Call on the Morafiq Toll Free number to book the service, alternatively register and book using the Morafiq app up to 1 hour before your flight’s arrival. Upon check-in at your source airport; provide bag tag numbers for swift identification, and Morafiq will handle customs formalities, ensuring quick luggage delivery within 50 km of Zayed International Airport. Now available for all airlines landing in Abu Dhabi, Morafiq’s Land & Leave lets you focus on what matters while we take care of your luggage.
Morafiq’s commitment to efficiency shines through its cutting-edge technology, ensuring a memorable travel experience for travellers. Morafiq HCI and L&L service are a call away. In addition to this, the Morafiq app facilitates Home Check-in and Land & Leave services, complemented by a user-friendly website and a seamless virtual assistant named AiSha, ready to help with any customer queries in just a few clicks.
Morafiq redefines airport services, turning them into a fun experience. Morafiq’s dedication to safety, security, and reliability is reflected in the highest quality of services offered and the vision of #BringingTheAirportToYou.
We invite readers to explore Morafiq’s services for their next trip to Abu Dhabi, embracing the promise of stress-free, secure, and convenient travel from Zayed International Airport.

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